About Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd‘s of London reputation is founded on it’s 300 year history, flexibility and the unrivalled expertise of it’s Underwriters. Since it’s humbling beginnings in Edward Lloyd’s coffee shop, London, a place where ship owners could meet people with capital to insure them, Lloyd’s has been at the forefront of developing new insurance products to meet the changing needs of policyholders.

Lloyd’s is now the world’s leading specialist insurance market providing insurance solutions for over 200 countries and territories. They’re often the first to insure new, unusual or complex risks, providing risk management solutions for local, cross border or global risks of any size. They bring together an outstanding concentration of specialist expertise and talent, backed by excellent financial ratings which cover the whole market.

Lloyd’s unique structure creates a market based on trusted relationships and expertise. Lloyd’s is a broker market, with brokers involved in all aspects of their distribution channels.

Much of the business written at Lloyd’s is brought to specialist underwriters who price and underwrite these risks. Many of the risks placed at Lloyd’s are transacted on a face to face basis in the underwriting room. Brokers may also access the Lloyd’s market locally through cover holders and service companies, which is the basis intrepid specialise in.

The Corporation of Lloyd’s oversees overall risk and performance management of the market, provides processing services, manages the global network of licenses and promotes the Lloyd’s brand. It is now home to 44 managing agents and 62 syndicate, which offer unrivalled insurance expertise.

Lloyd’s unique capital structure, often referred to as the Chain of Security, provides excellent financial security to policyholders and capital efficiency for members. The Chain of Security provides the financial strength that ultimately backs insurance policies written at Lloyd’s and the common security that underpins the market’s ratings and license network.


Why is Lloyd's rated as a market?

All Lloyd’s syndicates benefit from Lloyd’s central resources, including the Lloyd’s brand, its network of global licences and the Central Fund.

Syndicate Ratings

All syndicates benefit from the strength of the Lloyd’s brand, the global licence network and a wide range of other central activities carried out on behalf of the market.

Ratings History

We are currently on positive outlook with A.M. Best and on stable outlook with S&P and Fitch. Please see below link for current ratings.

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